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Advances in remotely operated vehicle technologies have mitigated some of the risks involved with underwater ship hull inspections but do not operate as fixed installations.  As a result, inspections are so time consuming that few ship hulls are actually inspected.  Ships that are inspected are temporarily taken out of service during the inspection process costing millions of dollars in lost productivity. Our product automates the data collection component of the ship hull inspection process so that it is performed without disrupting shipping operations.  This automation saves time, money, and increases security by decreasing the time it takes to inspect ships while increasing the number of ship hulls being inspected.  In addition, ports and harbours are continuously monitored to track incoming, outgoing, and underwater vessels.

US Patent Pending.

Underwater IP Surveillance Cameras (IP PoE 1080P 4K IR/LED) 

Ideal payload for remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) or fixed installations. Our underwater surveillance cameras come with enclosures rated to depths of 1500 ft.  Power over Ethernet video cameras mean that a single CAT5/6 ethernet cable powers your camera and transmit/receive data. This helps keep your cable payouts under control.  Optical cameras available in 1080P or 4K resolutions.  Infra Red or White LED illumination.  Pressure relief valve and mounting brackets are included.  Simply plug this device into your Ethernet port and your underwater video system goes live.

Custom Military Grade Remotely Operated Vehicles

Ideal for surveillance gathering, ship hull inspections, or exploration activities.

Custom Software Development Services

Image processing, data collection, data distribution, science and engineering application by request.

Custom Fabrication for Underwater Applications

Custom Built Aluminum and Stainless Steel Designs, Machining, and Installations for Industrial and Defence Applications

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