The WRM-19 is a reloadable impact detonated device ideal for military, law enforcement, and professionals working in the wilderness.


The device is a reloadable, impact detonated flashbang with customizable payload including bang without flash, bang with flash, irritants, gasses, smoke, and strong smells.  All in one device!


The device is small, light weight (0.4 lbs), and produces a similar or greater sound and pyrotechnic effect as carrying a firearm.


The device was designed after the inventor was attacked by a bear and was unable to execute the fine motor skills needed to deliver his bear banger device.  This device requires only gross motor skills to operate and can be deployed in less than 2 seconds.


The design has been honed and refined by a collaborative effort and field testing by Canadian Special Forces and Emergency Response (SWAT) Teams.

WRM-19 Reloadable Flashbang

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